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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  October 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now, at 11:00,÷%j @(t& fears on the front line. >> a single infection is unacceptable. >> workers prepear for a possible ebola impact. >> first alert radar reveals what storms are headed our way. >> and, all-new, a montgomery county jury decides on death for this man accused of killing a by bay girl and her grandmother. a little under three hours ago, jurors returned their decision in the case of demuri
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and that jury decided on the death penalty. >> live at norristown, denise, how did yon demuri act? >> reporter: you can see he was writing furiously on a note pad. that's how he took out his frustrations through an entire trial that ended tonight with a double death sentence. >> the final chapter for a the nightmare came to a close tonight. >> i'm sure they're going to be relieved. it's not going to give them back what they lost, but it is a sense of closure for them. >> the man found guilty last week of 10-month-year-old sandi and her grandmothe/pk is given death sentence for each victim. >> two victims in this case. and each of the vick tins had aggravating circumstances that went with their case. >> the lawyers for the convicted
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killer asked the jury to spare him the death penalty and sentence him to life without parole. >> he did not express a lot of emotion, although i know that he absolutely is disappointed. >> jon demuri is convicted of killing for a gambling debt. this sentence came as little surprise to the prosecutors and the defense team. jon demuri's own defense team says their client didn't put up much of a fight even expressing that he wanted to die. >> we both felt that if he would have expressed remorse, we would have had a better chance to save his life. but that wasn't his strategy. accordingly, here we are. >> jon demuri was led away in handcuffs. jurors were escorted out of the building without making any comment. a formal hearing will be scheduled in the next 45 days with an appeal very likely.
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>> after a picture-perfect tuesday, we're tracking storms today. >> so we are watching those storms. they're back off to our west and southwest right now. locally, we're just seeing the clouds and the mild tempature. not too far away through the carolinas up into the great lakes. that's where we see a cold front bringing with it some fairly strong thunderstorms. tornado watches out to our south and west. this is going to move into our direction as we go overnight tonight and into tomorrow. then we'll see some late-day thunderstorms. here is future weather picking up on this big cluster of storms late tonight. it will continue slowly moving from west to east around i mean really slowly because by tomorrow morning, it's not making much progress. it will still be west of us by 8:00 in the morning. possibly a little patchy fog but
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then later in the day tomorrow, that's when we expect thunderstorms coming up. i'll show you the timing on that. >> now, to the latest on the ebola outbreak. president obama says the world is not doing enough to fight the dead virus. >> he says he plans on reaching out to foreign leaders to stop the spread of ebola. this comes after the world healthologization released a disturbing forecast today. they said if not stood up to, west africa could face up to 10,000 new ebola cases each week. in dallas tonight, 76 hospital workers are being monitored for ebola. these workers may have had contact with thomas eric duncan or his blood while he was being treated for the virus. duncan died last week. >> the nurse who contracted ebola while treating duncan has been released from texas pr presbyterian hospital. they remain hopeful about her recovery.
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men time, four or more airports are set to begin screening for ebola on thursday. chicago, o'hare and jackson airport. new york's j.f.k. air port began screening passengers last weekend. today, delaware county's ebola task force met for the very first time made up of hospital workers and ems leaders who want to make sure the county is ready to treat payments.h nbc 10 began speaking to wrkers to find out what they're prepeared to do. >> reporter: we learned that emergency responders are pairing by testing and tweaking safety protocols just in case the deadly virus shows up here. >> absolutely i'm prepared. >> chester city police officer says his team in is prepared in
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the event ebola strikes here. >> the officer, who's also a medic, heads the police officer's new emergency services unit. >> what it does is it gives us an ability to, in the field, hopefully identify an at least razor index of suspicion that this person may or may not have ebola. >> the unit is made up of 16 medically trained officers. and stackleback says proet calls are already in place. >> extra gloves, red bags, safety wipes. >> and the officer's patrol vehicles have been outfitted with proper protective equipment. >> what i don't want our officers to run into is be presented with a problem that they didn't expect. >> reporter: he's not the only one who feels that way. earlier in the day, a newly-formed ebola task force in delaware county met for the first time. county officials went over the plan in a closed-door meeting but tell nbc ten they're prepared to safely treat patients.
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>> viruss do not have borders or boundaries. so we have to be prepared. >> as for stackleback, he says he's prepared with officers ready. >> i think having a plan now is what's most posht. that's what's important to us. we want to see our cops say. safe. and we want to see our community safe. >>. >> reporter: meantime, meeting with officials over at the philadelphia international airport after that meeting, we're told, they'll have a better idea as passengers are forced to undergo an ebola screening. >> at least one local hospital is taking preparation one step further. this is after the cdc admits et failed to prevent the spread of ebola within that texas hospital last week. doctors in the children's hospital of philadelphia outlined a response plan at the life scientist plan of center city. their goal to provide safe care and rapidly identify an ebola case and isolate them all the
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while educating nurses and doctors to control the virus and protect themselves. >> the public, i think, is important to understand that the risk of an ebola outbreak in the u.s. is low. the resources we have here are different, but we do need to be prepared. >> c.h.o.p. is also enforcing travel screenings at entrances to the hospital. >> turning now to the virus that's believed to have made hundreds of children across the nation sick. cases of entero virus are expected to spike as the result of a newly-relesioned test from the cdc that will make it easier to diagnose. a 4-year-old from mercer county died from the virus last month. growing concerns have prompted at least two ocean county communities to step up their cleaning efforts in jackson township. the community's eight playgrounds are now being disinfected several times a week. and at schools in barnegate township, they're wiping down
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every surface they can to stop germs from spreading. you can len how to protect yourself from the threat right now on our web site, >> tonight, we're following a developing story in stone harbor, cape may county. right now, the coast guard is searching for the missing man in the water. 68-year-old thomas graham who never came home after jet skiing in the bay. he was last seen in the area of 1100 stone harbor boulevard around 2:30 this afternoon. police have released a photo of graham tonight. if you have any new information on his wrblhereabouts, they wano hear from you. >> day 32 of the policeman hunt in the poconos. and eric frein still has not been caught. tonight, the search has prompted the cancellation of a major event in the poconos. they are kansling this year's halloween parade along with trick or treating.
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frein is accused of ambushing two state troopers outside of their barracks, killing one of them last month. from our delaware bureau, the wilmington police department will launch a new homicide unit next week. their community concerns about the rising gun violence and the number of unsolved murders in the city. 20 so far this year. the unit will include four dedicated homicide detectives, cold case officers, a supervisor and two federal atf agents. it will begin operations next monday. >> south jersey burrough, the city of camden is about to get its first new grocery store in 40 years. the priceright supermarket will open its doors tomorrow morning. it is rebuilt on the siet of an old pathmark story on mt mt. ephraigm avenue. let's take a leave look tonight. the mayor says in all, more than 600 abandoned or vacant
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buildings will be demolished over the next year. the first phase includes 60 rommerties in cramer hill. the city is kwurntly soliciting contracts right now. >> new at 11:00, a concert for good cause. raising money for a young rochelle who suffers from a rare allergy condition. bravo will be trained to sniff out the girl's known food allergens, help manage her anxiety and be her best friend for many years to come. >> also, new at 1:00, celebrating the festival of lights. nbc 10 in center city tonight including a research group observed one of the biggest hindu festivals celebrated every fall.
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>> a retail giant responds. >> tonight, singers have something to say about this ring that wound up on its web site. down the stretch they come, three weeks left of campaigning in the race for pennsylvania governor. >> now the national political stars are weighing in. coming up next, who will be here campaigning tomorrow and why it means so much to the surrounding neighborhood. >> and we have thunderstorms on the way for tomorrow. coming up, i'll show you the timing of it and some much cooler tempature for your weekend. that's straight ahead.
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years? we begin with breaking news.
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new jersey is working with trenton police now to issue an amber alert for a 5-year-old girl. this is a photo of genea cay vis. she was last seen at 10:05 when her family's vehicle was carjacked in trenton. it's a new jersey registration of h-66 ebc. police believe the suspect is a woman. if you have any information on this five-year-old girl's wrblts in this carjacking case, call police right away. >> tonight, exactly three weeks and counting. challenger tom wolf with a 55-38% lead over governor tom corbett. that poll was released last 2 as was another survey from the research firm hugh dodd. that has wofl at a 47 to 38% lead. nbc 10's george spencer is live
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in cedar brook where first lady michelle obama will rally leaders tomorrow morning. >> reporter: both the gubernatorial campaigns have been rolling out political heavy hitters. the first lady's really here tomorrow morning will put this pocket of northwest philadelphia on a statewide, even national stage, much to the delight of some long time neighbors. >> ted gardener remembers the years before. before this exists. first lady michelle obama rallies gubernatorial voters here, a neighborhood spot that's come a long way from its origin as a kid's safe haven demanded by area mothers. >> they got together with a
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group of people and actually turned it into a recreation center. they made it happen. >> yeah, they made it happen. last thursday, chris christitie campaigned for corbett. >> most polls are still in double dijts. but you do see at least a little bit of questions that are too little, too late. >> more stock in poll averages, which still show wolf ahead by double digits. he expects heavy political punching between now and november 4th. >> they need to bring the other guy down. especially corbett, who's down. he needs to bring wolf down. >> as crews set up for tomorrow's rally, long-timers told us all politics aside, the high profile visitor brings the community vision of this neighborhood dream full circle. >> i'm very proud of my block. period.
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>> an e vebts planned for tomorrow starting in pittsburgh and continuing in harrisburg. the event will start officially tomorrow at 10:45 tomorrow morning. george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> we have new information about a story we first brought to you yesterday. tonight, sears is apologizing for a swastica ring that was for sale on its web site. an nbc 10 viewer tipped us off about it. they say the ring was posted by an independent seller on the sears marketplace web site yet. sears told us it was removing the jewelry and today, the company took it even further, apologizing and removing not only the swastica rings, but several other items posted by independent vendors. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> reporter: well, after a
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cloudy and warm day today, we're going to keep the clouds warm through even tomorrow. so a short warm-up for us. today and tomorrow with the temperaturings in the mid to upper 70s. then, thunderstorms moving +1%?c the day later tomorrow. late afternoon and the evening hours and even overnight. once all the rain leaves the area, it will be a cooler weekend. cooler techturings will start to move in. we'll be back in the 60s, where we should be this time of year. 73 fwh reading, the clouds are hanging around tonight. some areas north and west, may see alile patchy fog. but it is certainly a mild evening. not too far off 06 our wegs and southwest, we have showers and storms here. these will be very slow to move into the area. we don't expect this big batch of weather to be moving in tonight, not until tomorrow. a lot of severe weather has been associated with this cold front. we do have thunderstorms in the
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forecast. there is a potential with some strong storms. future weather tonight, we stay mostly dry. and then early tomorrow morning, mainly to our west. and then, by noon, there is a chance we can have a few showers trying to move up through the area. but the real line of storms will still be off near harrisburg. we still have the increased chance for storms at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. there, you see the chance still around. so you will see scattered thunderstorms. still, those storms hanging around by thursday morning. we'll start to see some more clearing. with the storms late tomorrow morning, we will see possibly locally heavy rainfall. another thing we're watching is down to the tropics, we have a hurricane here, hurricane gonzalo. this is a major hurricane.
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but the good news for us and the eastern seaboard is this cold front will be keeping away from us. for us, for tonight, mostly cloudy. milder temperatures mid to low 660s. cloudy tomorrow, late day thunderstorms, windy. several areas will be in about the upper 780s. the storms will linger through the area and we expect them to stay around thursday morning. so, for thursday, the best chance for any showers or storms will be in new jersey as it slowly moves through and then later on if day on thursday, that' when weltz see more clearing. the week ebd looks dry, though. we are in the 60s both saturday and sunday. dry and cooler. >> much cooler. especially sunday. >> let's check in with comcast sports net jim clark.
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>> jiegiants player who trash talked the eagles is apologizing. that is next. what's possible today?
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hey, i'm john clark. the flyers are winless for the first time in six years. flyers down 2-0 in the second. . then it's wayne simmons. it's wayne's world, we're just living in it. how about his fifth goal over his last three games, we're tied up at two. third period, look at this sweet backhander.
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we're tied at three. game goes to a shootout. that's like a curse word. the flyers lost in the shoot ow. >> they're big points. they don't look it right now, but at the end of the season, those two points are going to be crucial. we just got to be sure next time we get it done. >> i know a lot of pressure and a lot of guys don't like it. but we've got to find a way. >> yeah, they do. michael williams homecoming in syracuse today. he's not playing. he says he's ready, but he's not a go. sixers playing the knicks.
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the sixers lose 84-77. a lot of heat from the new york daily news and some giants fans over how they reacted to victor cruz's injury. and even giant's safety antrelle roll says the birds weren't the team to beat in the division. he is praising eagles fans. >> throughout the injuries, they showed a lot of love and condolences. >> there you go. take that, new york daily news. where he're right back. making jackets that are built to perform anywhere is hard work.
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amber alert has officially been issued by new jersey state
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police for five-year-old genea davis. it happened just after 10:00 tonight. that car was described as a 2004 ford escape. >> have a good night.
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